Makis Tsitas – Rania Boubouri

Adriana Roussou

Educational activities:
Dimitra Rousselis



Year of circulation:

Pages: 56, hardcover

Dimensions: 24 x 17

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Tongue twisters are games with words that are difficult to pronounce and all together, quickly and correctly, that is, they are games designed to confuse us. And because they are so much fun, they still exist today from years ago.


Makis Tsitas was born in Giannitsa, studied journalism in Thessaloniki and lives in Athens. He runs the informative site for books and culture diastixo.gr. His short stories and books for children have been translated into many languages. His works have been performed in the theatre and his lyrics have been turned into songs. He received the 2014 European Union Prize for Literature for his novel MARTY MY GOD, which is available in 12 European languages. He has published 26 books for children and 5 for adults. From Psychogios Publications, there are also his books I DON’T LIKE MILK!- WHO IS THAT SOUP FOR?- FRIENDS- DON’T BE LEAVE- WHY DON’T YOU TREAT? – DON’T BOTHER SANTA CLAUS- OH, THOSE PARENTS – FROM AROUND THE WORLD – THE FUMBLING COSTA – MY BIG BROTHER – A LITTLE CELEBRITY – BIRTHDAY PRESENT, IN FRONT OF THE TV, THE NICEST OF ALL GRANDMOTHERS. www.makistsitas.com

Rania Boumbouri was born in Karpenisi and studied at the Department of Journalism and Media of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She is a content manager at the informative site for books and culture diastixo.gr, translator of children’s literature, editor of publications and teacher of translation of children’s literature at the lifelong learning centre meta|φραση. To date, 28 of her books for children have been published, three of which have been translated into Turkish. A special place in her work is occupied by her books aimed at fun learning: A CRAZY ALPHABET, A CRAZY CRAZY NUMERIC, A CRAZY CRAZY FARM(Psychogios Publications) and MY MELODIC ORTHOGRAPHY (Pataki Publications), which have been set to music by Alkiviadis Konstantopoulos and performed by well-known and beloved artists. For more information, visit her blog: http://raniouska.blogspot.com/