The environmental thematic working group of the Council of European Churches (Conference of European Churches), in which the head of the Institute of Theology and Ecology – branch of the OAC, Antonis Kalogerakis, participates, as representative of the foundation and the Association of Academies of Europe (Oikosnet Europe), has completed the publication of a new remarkable English-language book, entitled: “Every part of Creation Matters”.

The book focuses on the European Green Deal from the perspective of the Churches of Europe, as a result of a series of meetings of theologians, environmentalists, scientists and activists, analyzing the goal of becoming the E.E. climate neutral until 2050 and setting, at the same time, as a central priority, the holistic implementation of the agreement, so that no one is left on the sidelines, combining environmental benefits with wider social benefits, in order for every citizen to become a participant in a future with sustainability, cooperation and solidarity as the main axes.

The book is available via the following link in electronic form (in English):

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