Days of Art in Greece, issue 11

Pages: 259

Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm.

Paper: garda pad kiara and writing paper.

Days of Art in Greece has been published for six years now. It is a bilingual biannual publication.

Its coverage includes an extensive range of activities in art, letters and culture in Greece, aiming to promote contemporary Greek culture, editorial production and Greek artists both in our country and abroad.

  • In the current issue, Marina Lambraki Plaka, director of the National Gallery, speaks to Mary Adamopoulou about the new National Gallery a few days before the official opening.
  • Professor Konstantinos Tsoukalas, former head of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, talks about the activities of the Foundation and the 200-year anniversary of the Greek Revolution.
  • Angeliki Simosi, archaeologist, presents the “Arethousa” Archaeological Museum of Chalkida.
  • Articles and special coverage by scientists from Greece and abroad also figure in the publication.
  • The section titled “Museums ― Destinations” presents significant museums of Greece in the large cities as well as in the regions.
  • Twenty Greek artists, both up and coming and well established ones, are presented by critics, professors and art historians.
  • Recent publications from all scientific fields by the most important publishers are presented as well.
  • The issue concludes with an index of museums, archives, art spaces, libraries, galleries etc. by region and municipality throughout the country.

During the years of circulation, the publication has achieved success in the form of significant subscriptions by libraries, museums and universities in Greece and abroad, such as the Harvard University Center of Hellenic Studies, Leiden University, Lund University, the Library of the Saheti School – Johannesburg, the Gennadius Library, the Greek-American Union, the Library of the Greek Parliament, the Library of the National Gallery, libraries of renowned schools such as the Arsakeia, the Athens College etc. The publication also cooperates with embassies in Greece and abroad.


The new website was launched recently. The online issue aims to promote daily the culture, arts and letters in the Greek and the English language.


The bilingual publication Days of Art in Greece has published its 11th issue in a time that is particularly difficult for the country and especially for Greek culture.

From its inaugural issue to this day, the publication showcases the real comparative advantage of the country and rewards consistently and positively, without prejudice, every effort in every field related to cultural creativity in a modern society with a “heavy legacy” that nevertheless stakes a claim to its own destiny and share in a complex and competitive world. Our view is based on the constant enrichment of the Greek world with meaning and manifestations of creativity in art, museums, foundations, events, editorial production, democratic institutions, universities and similar initiatives. Culture and art in Greece and their interactive relationship with the world can only bring good things. Thus, in spite of the “poor big picture”, Days of Art in Greece every time proves that reality endures, strong and most of all more promising. Without ignoring the problems and the failings, and also without grandiosity, we watch the steps taken by all those who toil, venture, think and act.”  


Days of Art in Greece