Title: Sephardic Jews 1492-1932

Author:Iakov Simpē, Karina Lampsa

Year: 2023

Publishing House: Kapon

Subject: Album/ History

Pages: 392

Technical Features: 25x 19 cm.

Five centuries of history, persecution, resistance and new beginnings include the book of Iakov Simpē and Karina Lampsa Sephardic Jews 1492-1932 (Kapon Publishing House).

It is the harsh history of the Sepharadites from the time they were expelled from Spain, that “cruel mother”, in 1492, how many of them passed to the Ottoman Empire and finally how exactly their rise and demise happened in Thessaloniki.

The book is presented on Monday 12 February 2024 (6.30 pm) at the Archaeological Society at Athens (22 Panepistimiou St., Athens).

The presentation will be moderated by the journalist Katerina Oikonomakou, while Mikis Modiano (President of the Jewish Museum of Greece) and the editor Rachel Miskdrahi-Kapon will address the audience.

Speakers will be: George Kalantzis (Secretary General of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs), Karina Lampsa (Journalist – Author), Iakov Simpē (Historian) and Ariella Asher (Psychoanalyst).

Savina Giannatou will perform Sephardic songs.

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