Title:Days of War, Hours of Rest-Asia Minor 1921-Photographs and diary from the archive of Ilias P.Voutieridis

Author: Ilias P.Voutieridis (edited by Annita P. Panaretou)

Year: 2022

Publishing House: Association for the Diffusion of Useful Books

Subject: History/ Album

Pages: 242

Technical Features: 28x 25 εκ.

Ilias P. Voutieridis, multifaceted and charismatic, widely known as the first historian of Modern Greek Literature, but well-tried in all kinds of discourse (journalist – war correspondent, columnist, columnist, chronicler, poet, prose writer, playwright, essayist, critic, translator), he left an extensive and important work in its diversity. His inexhaustible remains were preserved and edited with zeal and exemplary dedication by his son, Pericles Voutierides.

A part of his archive, which concerns the period of the Asia Minor Campaign and Catastrophe (and specifically from May 1921 to August 1922), was used in two publications of the Association for the dissemination of useful books. “History will never forget 1921-1922”, which includes Voutieridis’ reports from the war operations of 1921, published from 2 June to 30 November in the newspaper “Empros”; letters of the same period to his wife Natalia; a selection of his articles in ” Synadelphos” – the official newspaper of the Army of Asia Minor; a selection of his articles in “Synadelphos” – the official newspaper of the Army of Asia Minor, of which he was director and main editor – from 18 March to 14 August 1922; and two extensive articles, on 27 and 28 August 1922 in the newspaper ‘Kathimerini’, on the fierce Turkish attack, the collapse of the front and the last Greek days in Smyrna.

And in the present album, which includes 274 photographs of the 1921 campaign and the diary (for the same period) of Ilias Voutieridis. Voutieridis was 47 years old at the time, president of the Union of Editors of Athenian Newspapers, had fought in Crete in 1897, had served as a correspondent for the newspaper “Patris” during the Balkan Wars and had therefore “fermented” with life on the battlefield, maintaining direct contact with the soldiers. […]

(From the foreword by the editor Annita P. Panaretou)

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