Zoumboulakis Galleries presents Marina Genadieva’s solo exhibition “Air Passages“, which opens on Thursday 28 March 2024.

Takis Koumpis comments on the works of Marina Genadieva: “The dominant theme of the exhibition focuses on the motif of the curtain, which in Western iconography delineates the framework of the artwork, opening up a field of symbolism and ambiguity through the concealment/unveiling of ambiguous signs of the image. The curtain (2022, 215 x 335 x 50 cm) in Air Passages consists of one and a half million hand-passed coloured glass beads, transposing the painting experience into space. The subtle movement caused by the air – the breathing of space – creates multiple openings, passages to the region of invisible boundaries, which are ensured by the observer focusing the spatial image at a certain interval. This image in motion creates the actual condition of the landscape, subjecting the primordial experience of Nature.”

Exhibition Duration: 28 March– 20 April 2024

Zoumboulakis Galleries, Kolonaki Square 20

Opening Hours: Tue., Thur. & Fri. 11.00 -20.00

Wed. & Sat. 11.00 –15.00

Sundays & Mondays closed

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