The X-ACT ART Theatre Group presents the performance “Little Eyolf” by Henrik Ibsen.

Focusing on the relationship between a writer and his wife and half-sister, “Little Eyolf” paints a heartbreaking portrait of a family facing the shattering of all their illusions. It is a profound exploration of possessive, monomaniacal love and blind self-centered devotion to an ultimate goal, an essay on the concepts of duty and guilt, punishment and mercy. The collapse of the delusion that embraces their entire world leads the characters in the play to realize that the abandonment of dreams and the admission of a fall pave the way for resurrection and redemption.



Author: Henrik Ibsen

Adapted by: X-Act Art

Directed by: Yorgos Charatzas, Korina Chrysaidou

Set and Costume Desing: Tina Vasilopoulou 

Choreography: Christos Papadopoulos 

Music: Yannis Psimadas 

Video: Spyros Diamantis 

Lighting: Antonis Panagiotopoulos 

Photographs: Patroklos Skafidas 

The Cast:

Rita: Korina Chrysaidou 

Alfred: Yorgos Charatzas

Asta: Tina Vasilipoulou

Borghejm: Konstantinos Exarchopoulos 

Eyolf: Yannis Andriopoulos 

At “Ex Machina” Theatre 

Starting at: 21 January 2024

For 16 performances

Every Sunday at 20.30 and Mondays at 21.00

(Only on the first Sunday 21-1-24 starting at 21.00)

Duration: 100′

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