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W. A. Mozart



 Opera in three acts

Olympia Municipal Music Theatre “Maria Callas”

Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the Municipality of Athens


26, 28, 30 MARCH & 1 APRIL

One of the greatest operatic masterpieces of all time, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Idomeneus”, will be staged by the Municipality of Athens for four performances at the Olympia Municipal Music Theatre “Maria Callas”.

The opera is a new production of the Culture, Sports and Youth Organization of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) and is presented in collaboration with ERT, under the musical direction and direction of Giorgos Petrou, one of the most important and internationally recognized Greek artists. The performance features an excellent cast, tenor Krystian Adam in the main role and the great Greek lyric singers Mary-Ellen Nezi, Myrsini Margariti, Myrto Papathanasiou and Vassilis Kavagias in the leading roles.

Idomeneus returns home after the Trojan War. During the journey a great storm leads him to the brink of death. Poseidon will save him and his companions at a heavy price. As soon as Idomeneus sets foot on the soil of Crete, his nightmare begins.

Love, passion, jealousy, paternal relationships and dilemmas, and the relationship of humans with the Divine all run through the archetypal story of Idomeneus, King of Crete.

Mozart’s innovative thinking manifests itself here with a boldness, a freshness and an unprecedented frenzy. Mozart breaks the morphological shackles of the static operatic aria: the secco recitative is absorbed by the music and gives way to a recitative a cacciato, which is bursting with musical ideas. The orchestra dominates, like a self-existent character, foreshadowing Wagner. The chorus, coming into the foreground eight times, embodies the people with a sublime tragic quality reminiscent of the Requiem. The human voice expresses a wide range of extreme emotions: tenderness, aggression, despair, mirroring all the outbursts, all the aberrations of human destiny,” notes artistic director Olivier Descotes.

It is a great pleasure for us, under the artistic direction of Olivier Descotes, to see such magnificent and emblematic works as Mozart’s opera “Idomenes” being performed on the stage of the Municipal Theatre of Olympia. Although the work was composed more than two centuries ago, it continues to move with the beauty of its crystal clear music and its timeless themes, which touch on universal and universal concerns. In these difficult times, Mozart’s genius music can be a valuable respite and a categorical reminder of the non-negotiable value of love and peace.”

Music direction – Direction: Giorgos Petrou
Stage design: Paris Mexis

Costumes: Georgιa Germanou

Lighting design: Stella Kaltsou

Assistant director: Konstantina Psoma
Choir Teaching: Stavros Beris

Music preparation: Dimitris Yiakas

Idomeneus: Krystian Adam

Idamanthis: Mary-Ellen Nezi

Ilya: Myrsini Margariti

Elektra: Myrto Papathanasiou

Arbakis: Vassilis Kavagias

High Priest of Poseidon: Yannis Kalyvas
Voice from the Oracle of Poseidon: George Papadimitriou

National Symphony Orchestra ERT
Choir of the Municipality of Athens


26, 28, 30 MARCH & 1 APRIL at 20:00 


Limited visibility seats: €12
Zone D (students, large families, young people up to 25 years old, unemployed, over 65 years old): €15
Zone C: €25
Zone B: €30
Zone A: €45
Distinguished Zone: €50
Presidential Box: €60


Tickets will also be on sale two hours before the performance at the theatre.