The first auction of the new year for VERGOS Auctions, “Historical and Folklore Objects 19th & 20th Century“, includes exceptional works of art and rare objects, representative samples of the cultural heritage, diversity and folklore tradition that characterizes our country. The auction will take place on Thursday 8 February 2024 (5:30 p.m.) at the Ionic Centre in Plaka and will be preceded by an exhibition open to the public at the same venue from 5-7 February.

The auction includes, among other things, a Philhellenic clock with a Greek couple in a half-submerged boat. An allegorical representation of Greece during the period of the 1821 Revolution, originating in France where the philhellenic movement flourished, and dating from the second quarter of the 19th century. Among the 241 items auctioned from Greece and abroad, the following also stand out:

  • A case inscribed with niello: «ΜΑΣΤΟΡΟ ΓΗΟΡΓΙS: ΜΑΡΕΤΗS : 1856: ΑΒΓΟΥΣΤΟΥ: 27 ΚΑλΑΡΗΤΗS» and is a rare example of Kalarritan silversmithing by an unknown craftsman, with historical references and originality in its decorative themes.
  • A double cup, with the bottom cup screwing into the top cup to form a single object. The upper grip is silver, gilt internally with hammered decoration while the lower grip is also silver, with a niello large-lettered inscription «ΓΗΟΡΓΗ ΓΗΑΝΟ 1774» on the navel.
  • A calligraphy desk, a representative example of Ottoman carpentry and the only one known to date with the date and name of the maker, «ΔΙΑ ΧΙΡΟC ΓΕΩΡΓΙ ΠΑΠΑΡΙΖΟΥ 1782» (as an inscription on the lower part). Cabinets of this type served both aesthetic and practical purposes, since they were also used to store the tools used by the calligrapher.
  • A Greek figurehead in the form of Neptune dating from the 19th century. The Neo-Greek figurhead appeared in the period of transition from the 18th to the 19th century and is the birth of the new socio-economic climate created within the Ottoman Empire with the rapid development of merchant shipping.

The auction includes many other items of historical and folklore value such as portraits of historical persons, paintings, embroidery, candlesticks, jewellery and other items with philhellenic themes.


IONIC CENTRE (11 Lysiou Street, 105 56, Plaka)
Monday, 5 February, 12:00 –  20:00
Tuesday, 6 February , 12:00  – 20:00
Wednesday, 7 February, 12:00  –  20:00

For more information about the auction you may visit

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