VERGOS Auctions celebrates 35 years of uninterrupted presence in Greek auctions with the anniversary auction of 19th & 20th century Modern Greek Paintings & Sculpture that will take place on Wednesday, June 12th at Zappeion (6:30 pm). With over 150 auctions under its belt and more than 60,000 lots auctioned to date, the House has experienced significant growth and distinction in the 35 years since its foundation. Today it is the leading Greek auction house in the Greek auction market, and is also the largest and longest-standing auction house in the domestic secondary market.

With 125 selected works of art by 74 artists covering the entire spectrum of modern Greek art, the anniversary auction is an art event that is expected to attract the interest of collectors and the art world. As part of the anniversary auction, a three-day exhibition will be held from 9 to 11 June, in the same venue, offering visitors the opportunity to admire and learn about the history of works that mainly belong to private collections.

For more information about the auction and how to participate, you may visit

Sculptures by Yannis Moralis, Takis, Yorgos Zoggolopoulos, Sofia Vari, Theodoros Papagiannis, Kostas Koulentianos are being complementd by a series of artworks signed by iconic 19th and 20th century artists, including: S. Vasileiou, D. Vyzantions, G. Gaitis, Α. Georgiou, Α. Geralis, Ν. Gkikas (Chatzikyriakos), G. Gounaropoulos, Daniel (Panagopoulos), D. Diamantopoulos, Chr.. Karas, Ν. Kessanlis, D. Kokkinidis, F Kontglou, G. Kottis, G. Lappas, Κ. Maleas, Τ. Mantzavinos, D. Mytaras, Sp. Papaloukas, Pavlos (Dionysopoulos), Μ. Prasinos, M. Pop, G. Rallis, G Rorris, Ε. Sakayan, P.Samios, G.Spyropoulos, P. Tetsis, G. Tsarouchis, G. Tsigkos, Κ. Tsoklis, Α. Fasianos, Μ. Filopoulou, V. Fotopoulos, Τz.Christoforou, Chryssa (Vardea), G Psychopaidis and more.

Exhibition open to the public – Zappeion Hall

Sunday, 9 June, 12:00 – 21:00
Monday, 10 June, 10:00 – 21:00
Tuesday, 11 June, 10:00 – 21:00

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