I’ve been sweetened, I’ve been sweetened by your alcian mouth and I can’t get enough of the kisses and I’m still looking for more“, Sweet Love, Napoleon Lapathiotis.
George Kostogiorgis comes to the Telloglio Foundation, on Tuesday 31 May at 20:30, to present his album of Greek repertoire, with 14 poems set to music by romantic poets: “The summer passed like a shiver”.

“Truly, the heat…” Tellus Agras, “Sa Dios” Argyris Efthaliotis, “I drank through your lips…” Napoleon Lapathiotis, “Lady” Kostas Ouranis, “And when spring arrives” Konstantinos Hatzopoulos, are some of the poems that the public of the city will have the opportunity to enjoy on the last day of May, through the coexistence of our city’s musicians, the newest George Kostogiorgis and Panos Voulgarakis, and the older Kostas Vombolos and Argyris Bakirtzis.

The poems of Tello Agra, Argyris Efthaliotis, Napoleon Lapathiotis, Kostas Ouranis and Konstantinos Hatzopoulos, were set to music by the talented composer and musician George Kostogiorgis during the 10 days of the quarantine of Christmas 2020.
The album is accompanied and completed by the wonderful exhibition of artwork by Apostolos Vettas, starting from the cover and continuing on the CD insert, perfectly harmonious with the music.


Kostas Vombolos, accordion
Panos Voulgarakis, double bass, electric bass
George Kostogiorgis, piano and voice
Argyris Bakirtzis, voice