The National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum celebrates forty years of operation of the Coumantaros Art Gallery Sparta – its first branch outside Athens – by inaugurating on Saturday 23 September 2023, at 19.00, the anniversary temporary exhibition “Laconian artists from the collections of the National Gallery“, curated by Monica Diamanti.

Bringing together from the collections of the National Gallery a total of twenty-one works spanning a period of seven decades, the exhibition presents for the first time eleven artists – women and men – who were born or come from Laconia, reflecting on their diverse artistic creation.

The visitor will thus have the opportunity to enjoy works by (in alphabetical order) Antonakos Steven, Chrysa (Vardea), Dekoulakos Ilias, Diplarakos Thalia, Lekakis Michalis, Nikolinakos Michalis, Rorris George, Stamos Theodoros, Falireas Vasos, Chios Theodoros and Roubos Leon.

The exhibition “Laconian artists from the collections of the National Gallery” is the culmination of the celebrations of the Coumantaros Art Gallery for its forty years of presence and contribution to the city of Sparta. During the temporary exhibition, which will run until 22 September 2024, a special educational programme for primary and secondary school students will be held.

At the same time, the public will have the opportunity to visit the permanent collection of the Coumantaros Art Gallery Sparta, where the anniversary programme “Friends and Neighbours” will continue until the end of the year, with free specialised guided tours for adults.


Saturday 23 September 2023, time: 19.00

Exhibition duration: 23.09.2023 – 22.09.2024

Curator: Monica Diamanti

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