The title is borrowed from Paul Celan’s poem, “Schneebett”.

“When people talk about depression and stressful events in their lives, there has to be someone there to listen to them. Sometimes the weight of such feelings is so intense and unbearable that some people simply cannot move on. They lie motionless in a snow bed that they have created for themselves, ready to disappear and descend into the darkness, in a lifeless pause.

This is an attempt to describe my own darkness, to share without words these feelings and self-destructive thoughts or actions. Finally, it is an attempt to mourn, to accept and to move forward.”

This is how Gogo Ponirakou describes her first solo exhibition in the cultural venue O, based on her recent, sold-out zine (a triptych issue) with the same title.

Exhibition duration: until October 30, 2021
Opening hours: daily 18:00-21:00, Sundays-Mondays closed
Free admission