Sissi’s Art Room presents the new solo exhibition of Gerasimos Avlamis with the support of MONUMENTA, the non-profit NGO for the Protection of Natural and Architectural Heritage in Greece and Cyprus. An installation in the gallery space consisting of 8 wooden doors from apartments of an Athenian apartment building of the modernist movement, built in Kypseli during the inter-war period.

“The installation is framed by a series of abstract paintings “distinguished by an intense gesturality, an improvisational activity driven by the element of randomness. Each element is represented, as if by a colour tone.”

Matina Charalabi– Art Theorist

«The exhibition by the artist Gerasimos Avlamis, whose theme and inspiration is the wooden Art Deco doors of a 1930s apartment building, which were removed despite their exceptional condition and beauty in order to be thrown away, constitutes for MONUMENTA an important contribution to the effort for the protection of buildings. It is worth mentioning that the buildings are not just shells, but real vessels of life, as the architect Aris Konstantinidis called them, they are stories of the people who built and lived them.»
Irini Gratsia– Archaeologist, Monumenta Coordinator

«Sissi’s Art Room is waiting for you to tour its space, which Gerasimos Avlamis transformed architecturally and aesthetically into another space, resulting from the opening of many doors and the closing of others in the course of his artistic quest.»

Opening Hours Sissi’s Art Room Tuesday– Friday 11:00 – 20:00
Saturday 11:00 – 15:00
Exhibition Opening 06/10/2023 19:00 – 22:00
Duration 06/10 – 11/11/2023

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