The Art-Thessaloniki International Fair, which is co-organized by the National Organizer of Exhibitions, Conferences and Cultural Events TIF-HELEXPLO from 3 to 6 November 2022, will present its 6th edition.

Its Founder and Artistic Director Pantelis Tsatsis gives Days of Art a concise and complete overview of the institution and what visitors will “exchange” this year in their international encounter with contemporary art.

ANSWERS Pantelis Tsatsis (Art Director)


1.The great Art-Thessaloniki International Fair is starting for the 6th time, what defines this year’s programme? What would you say are the characteristics of this year’s event in general?

Since the first edition in 2016, we have adopted objectives of qualitative development rather than quantitative. We operate as a mechanism to maximize and push art in the artistic scene, investing in the strategic and geographical position of multicultural Thessaloniki, defending Greek creation and promoting it through exchanges, in countries in Europe, Asia and America.

This year we host Ilia and Emilia Kabakov , one of the most famous names of the world scene with the museum exhibition

“DREAMS REALITY four stories of Escapism”.

We have artist of honour George Zongolopoulos with his Foundation, where his important sculptures and a series of paintings will be exhibited for the first time to the public.

Significant presence of the Gallery, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the

Museum Konstantinos Xenakis from Serres.       

  1. What are the objectives of the official foire of the capital and what are the characteristics of its success. How did it succeed and become an institution?

We give special attention to young people with the MATAROA award in cooperation with the PEBEE. This year’s programme includes the INDEPENDENT ARTISTS project for the first time.

We constantly inform the media and social media as well as our official website

  1. How does it contribute to the cultural events of the city or even the country? Does it have common elements with Art Athina?

As an Art Fair we have common elements with Art-Athina and other Art Fairs.

But our main difference is the preservation of the cultural identity of the event outside of the commercial character that an Art Fair carries. In our concern this contributes to the presentation of the institution of PRIZED ART (Stamos, Theodoros, Takis ,Tsoclis) and the promotion of museum exhibitions with important proposals of collectors from abroad (Picasso, Vasareli, Sol le witt ,Stamo etc.) and Greece.

  1. It has a wider impact in the Balkan region. How does it penetrate the cultural life of the Balkan countries? Is the organisation itself influenced by the cultural trends of these countries?

We are a relatively new organization and the results regarding the impact on the Balkans and the East will be seen year by year through the contributions from galleries.

  1. 5. What are your future goals and directions for the next events?

Our goals for the future are to maintain the ratio of 50% Greek and 50% foreign galleries. Always, of course, with our quality upgrade.

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