Shadow theater performances with heroic – historical content at the Museum of Modern Greek Culture

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As part of the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution of 1821, the Museum of Modern Greek Culture opens to the public and welcomes its visitors to its new site in Monastiraki. In the Museum’s outdoor space, young and older viewers will enjoy historic works of shadow theater, not often played by modern Greek puppeteers. High level plays, difficult to perform, which require a large troupe and experienced puppeteers who can meet their special expressive and technical demands.

Ηρωικές ιστορίες στον μπερντέ του Καραγκιόζη / Heroic tales on the scrim of Karagiozis

The heroic or historical works of the Greek shadow theater draw their themes from the history and the achievements of heroes during the Greek war of independence. Puppeteers are inspired by a historical event, transform it, improvise, and draw their viewers in the realm of legend, offering a reading of the Revolution as a field of exemplary heroism and altruism. Although they are not comedies, they do not lack a comedic element, since there is always a way for Karagiozis and other characters to interfere with the plot.

Three renowned puppeteers, Angelos Alibertis, Thomas Agrafiotis and Konstantinos Koutsoumblis will perform:

  • “The hero of Agrafa, Katsantonis” on 26/6/2021 at 20:30 (Angelos Alibertis)
  • “Patriarch Gregory V” on 3/7/2021 at 20:30 (Thomas Agrafiotis)
  • “Athanasios Diakos” on 10/7/2021 at 20:30 (Konstantinos Koutsoumblis)

Duration: 2 hours, no intermission

In the outdoor space of the new Museum, 10 Areos, Monastiraki

The performances can be attended by adults and children aged 8 and up

Tickets: Free – Limited number, registrations are necessary (at tel.: 210 3234658 – daily, except Friday, hours: 10.00 to 13.00)

All necessary health measures will be observed.