OPANDA and  the Municipal Art Gallery of Larissa-G.I.Katsigras Museum, present the exhibition “Gordian Knots” by Stergios Stamos at the Municipal of Athens Art Gallery, from 22 February to 24 March 2024, curated by art historian Yannis Bolis.

My country / 115X175X300 εκ. / 2013. Aluminium /  led / iron / serum / tubes / text ( memorandum 2).

In the exhibition, Stergios Stamos presents works that are part of two major sections of his ouevre of recent years. In the first, starting from a reality that is next to us, that we live and experience every day, but most of the time we are indifferent to it, we pass it by and, instinctively, we repel it, he comes to “tell” small, untold stories that speak of life and death, war and violence, stories about incredible conditions of movement, exploitation and impoverishment, about geographical, racial, religious and cultural divides, about the hundreds of victims in the waters of the Mediterranean, about the adventures of thousands of people in the icy waves of the Aegean in search of an imaginary “Promised Land”, about their confinement in shelters, confronted with xenophobia, racism and rejection.

Untitled / 2023. Iron / cement / transformer / neon / 170X80X50cm.

In the second thematic section, Stamos focuses on the Greece of crisis and memoranda, the loss of social cohesion, the morbid fascist phenomena, alienation and alienation, constant insecurity, the dubious struggle for survival and the collapse of the middle class, hard political decisions and excluded perspectives, but also on Greece’s search for new forms of solidarity, unity and coexistence.

Untitled / 2023 / Iron / 115X95X55cm.

At the same time, a new series of works by the artist is presented. These are sculptures with materials such as cement, thin iron rods painted with bright colours, aluminium and light, and references ranging from the mythical seer Tiresias to the universal theories of Stephen Hawking. These sculptures, with their accentuated constructional structure, in some cases resemble fragments of ruins or energetic flows of light, deployed in space in different directions and intertwined as intricate “Gordian Knots”. Light dominates, metaphorically and symbolically, as a reminder of hope and optimism, as a way out, overcoming and transition.

Lines colliding / 2020. Iron / cement / 82X60X55cm.

The exhibition “Gordian Knots” was presented in December 2019 in Larissa with great success. Its dissemination in Athens is part of the extroversion activities of the G. I. Katsigra, seeking to communicate both the actions of the Larissa Gallery and the cultural heritage of the city outside the walls.

1829 – The Creation of the Greek State / 2021. Steel / wood / neon / transformer / texts ( 1. Memoirs of Makrigiannis 2. London protocol )/ variable dimensions.

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