A new theater festival – FUTURE N.O.W. – is being born at ONASSIS STEGI to be made available on the Onassis Channel on YouTube. The first four works to be selected during lockdown for the festival via the FUTURE N.O.W. open call last March offer up new, amusing, and surprising stories that treat the future as the present. Because what do we really want to be in the future? Funnier? Smarter? Richer? Wiser? Tougher? More resilient? One thing is certain: the future is yet to come. And the idea that the future is doomed is by no means established fact. In the words of the British thinker John Higgs: “It is a story we tell ourselves.” With a wink, this first crop of projects springing from FUTURE N.O.W. are beating a path for those to come; declaring – boldly, and with cheek – that the future is not unlivable. Quite the opposite.