VERGOS Auction House has been known for years to bibliophiles and collectors of rare publications, collections, manuscripts, engravings, maps and works of art, mainly in Greece and abroad.

The consistency, the tireless and generous character, the perseverance and the uninterrupted presence with auctions and elegant art publications since 1989 of the founder of the Publishing House VERGOS, Petros Vergos, has resulted in the House under its current name, VERGOS Auctions, and headed since 2014 by Andreas Vergos, son of Petros, celebrating in 2024 its 35th anniversary as the most important and purely Greek art auction house.

When in 1989 Petros Vergos founded the auction house VERGOS in 1989, he was initially active in auctions of rare books, manuscripts, maps and engravings. The choice of the first auction category of the House was not accidental, since Petros Vergos was already running the VERGOS Publishing House. The experience and knowledge of Petros Vergos in the field of books led in a short period of time to the establishment of the House at the top of the Greek auctions.

Modern Greek Art was the next auction category, almost a decade later, as a natural consequence of the Vergos family’s relationship with the art world in general. The category of Modern Greek Art and Sculpture was to become the “flagship” of the House’s auctions. Auctions in this category have included thousands of works by the most acclaimed Greek artists of the 19th and 20th centuries. To this day, these auctions remain a strong attraction for the collecting and art-loving public and a benchmark for the House.

The History of our country and Philhellenism inspire the new auction category added in 2009 with Philhellenic, Historical and Folklore items. The heirlooms of unique historical and cultural value that were included for the first time in auctions through the House, such as, for example, the Oath of Kolokotronis, the Charta of Rigas Feraios and the cigarette case of Ioannis Kapodistrias, not only preserved the historical heritage of the country, but also offered a range of knowledge and expertise to the House in this demanding field.

In 2014, when Andreas Vergos took over the “steering wheel” of the company, a new course was launched. The modernization plan in which the House is gradually investing, includes the use of new technologies and the possibilities they provide at an organizational and commercial level, a new corporate image with a renewed corporate identity and website, conducting all auctions online (in combination with the physical auction), but also upgrading all the services provided by the House to sellers and buyers. At the same time, growth is achieved by expanding the House’s activities into new auction categories, such as precious jewellery and art auctions with affordable starting prices.

In this new period, the House is renamed VERGOS Auctions.

At the same time, the philanthropic side of Art has shaped the social face of the House over the years, both through the relevant auctions and through the active support of cultural activities (such as museum exhibitions and catalogues, art albums, appraisals of collections belonging to institutions, etc.)

Significant sums of money have been raised through the House’s charity auctions in support of the Society for the Protection of Spastic Children/ Open Door, for the completion of the Maria Callas Museum, which is today a jewel for Athens, for the support of the Shelter for Women Victims of Violence & their Children of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival and recently for ELEPAP, through the auction of part of the collection of Chrysanthos Panas.

With over 150 auctions to its credit and more than 60,000 lots auctioned to date, the House has expanded its clientele to countries outside Greece and has developed partnerships with numerous museums, libraries and cultural institutions. Today it is the leading auction house in Greece and has contributed significantly to the development of the secondary art market and the promotion of the country’s cultural heritage.


On June 12th VERGOS Auctions returns to Zappeion. Where it traditionally presents and auctions great works from the section Modern Greek Painting and Sculpture of the 19th – 20th century. The 19th and 20th Century Modern Greek Painting and Sculpture Auction at Zappeion will be – as it has been said – an anniversary auction, as this year marks for VERGOS Auctions 35 years of continuous presence in Greek auctions.

As Andreas Vergos (Managing Director of VERGOS Auctions) said about this year’s anniversary: “I am thrilled that after 35 years since my father held the first auction of the House, we are now a diverse team united by a common characteristic, our love for culture. The trust and appreciation that collectors, museums, libraries and cultural institutions from Greece and abroad have shown towards our House, as well as the lifelong relationships that have been developed with the art-loving public, fill us with pride and are the best reward in a course of years that has had successes but, naturally, also many difficulties. Art, books, tradition, history and everything else that makes up our cultural identity will continue to inspire us. To become better and better, raising the bar even higher at each of our auctions.”

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