PAPATZIKOU Gallery presents the new work of Angelika Panagiotidou – Prapa entitled:


Yannis Konstantinou notes:

(…)Anghelika Panagiotidou – Prapa uses landscape painting to describe an ideal environment, a hidden place in which existence thaws. In times of crisis, the need to re-examine the conditions of our lives, our real needs, our inner desires, and to find that corner of the world that is special to us and that will contain us, intensifies. It is this corner of the world that the painter wishes to capture. The painter bases her work, specifically landscape painting, on the study of Romanticism, in which nature is presented as a spiritual state that mirrors, symbolizes and alludes. Thus landscapes are constructed with mysticism and allegories.

The result he seeks is the creation of a place/space of peace and security that allows the viewer to let go within and experience what the image offers. The point is not to illustrate, it is to create a world that nurtures you.

Opening: Saturday 16 April, 19.00

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