Opening of the exhibition, Creative Solitude, on Saturday, March 4th, at 12:00-22:00, at Macart Cultural Space!

It will feature print-works by talented young artists we host on our platform and will run until March 18th.

Participating artists:

Alexandra Anagnostopoulou | Dimosthenis Bogiatzis | Chrysanthos Christodoulou | Niki Gulema | Antonia Iroidou | Konstantinos Kotsis  George Lambropoulos | Ilektra Maipa | Thanos Makris | Isidora Papadouli

Christina Papaioannou | Yannis Rousakis | Konstantinos Tsitsigkos

In his iconic work “Letters to a Young Poet”, the Austrian romantic poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, addresses an unknown young man who asks his opinion about the verses he is writes. In ten letters, Rilke, who does not accept the role of the critic, shares his Poetics with the young man. In several of his letters, Rilke exalts the role of Solitude, as a state that the creator should seek. The most difficult thing, but also the most fruitful, he considers to be the artist immersing himself in it and confronting his inner world, retrieving from the depths the material with which he creates his works.

The world today bears little resemblance to the one Rilke lived in a century ago. It was already difficult in the early 1900s for an artist, as a person who shares his life with other people, to convince himself to seek Solitude, so that within it he could be more creative. In today’s time of constant hussle, the abundance of information, the bombardment of stimuli, the achievement of Solitude seems something unattainable. And yet, despite the difficulty for the artist to both pursue and maintain the condition that Rilke considers fundamental to the creative process, it seems that creators still produce their work in the same condition as in the early 20th century, or in times before then.

In the exhibition Creative Solitude, the Dogma Athens team attempts to illuminate this very interesting creative atavism, presenting works by thirteen contemporary and emerging Greek artists. The works, which are evidence of this immersion in the inner world of their creators, convey to the viewer something of this Solitude in which they were completed, while at the same time they discuss the creator’s relationship with the outside world, in the light of this creative process.

The works will be featured from 4 to 18 March 2023 at Macart’s Cultural Space, one of the largest and most distinguished graphic arts workshops in Greece, where every day, for over 30 years, works from the entire spectrum of the industry have been produced. The thirteen artists participate in the exhibition with works that have been created through printing techniques on different materials, such as paper, fabric, canvas and vinyl. Thus, the works of the exhibition are presented very close to the environment in which they were created, at the last stop of their journey from creative Solitude to the outside world.

About Macart Cultural Space

Thanks to its owners’ love for art, Macart has been operating in the last 9 years the non-profit cultural “hangout” of the company, «Macart Cultural Space», in which important cultural events have been organized. The multi-purpose space at 244 Lenorman Street was inaugurated in October 2014 with an exhibition that hosted works by 21 distinguished contemporary painters from the company’s collection. Since then, several art events have taken place, many of them under the auspices of universities, embassies and well-known institutions: photography exhibitions (“Intermediate spaces”, “Noise”, “Music Stages”, “The Kleinon Asty”), exhibitions with fine art digital prints bearing the signature of contemporary Greek visual artists (“Art in multiples”, “Imprints”), the exhibition “Allegories & Muses” by designer Peter Boyadjieff and painter Daniela Zekina, charity bazaar(t)s, in order to support the work of international NGOs, as well as other cultural events.

In the years of the pandemic and subsequent cultural deprivation, the space, in June 2021, organized with great success a pop-up event by the well-known painter, Nikos Kyriakopoulos, while in April 2022 it hosted the solo exhibition of Yiannis Rousakis entitled “LIVE LIKE THIS”. In its last exhibition, painter Fotini Stefanidis, awarded with 22 Greek and international distinctions, presented her solo show, “Mystery Gardens”.



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