The Municipal Gallery of the Municipality of Patras, continuing its artistic activities, in collaboration with the MOMus-Alex Mylonas Museum, organizes the exhibition “Cornelius Grammenos. Portraits & Rhapsodies“.

The opening will take place on Friday 15 April at 7.30 pm and will mark the opening of the exhibition, which will run until Friday 30 September.

Through the organisation of this exhibition, the Cultural Organisation contributes to the promotion of artistic movements, trends and creators.

On the occasion of the opening of the exhibition, the President of the Cultural Organization Katerina Geropanagioti held a press conference on Tuesday morning, April 12, during which she stressed the following:

“It is a great honour and a pleasure for the Cultural Organisation of the Municipality of Patreon and the Municipal Gallery of Patras to hold the exhibition “Cornelius Grammenos. The City of Portraits & Rhapsodies” and our cooperation with the MOMus Museum Alex Mylonas. I would like to thank Yannis Bolis and Eleni Katsaras from the MOMus-Museum Alex Mylonas for our excellent cooperation and the artist’s daughter Daphne Grammenos for the kind donation of the artist’s works.

By hosting the exhibition of Cornelius Grammenos, we get to know the multidimensional work of an artist born in our city. Through his works, we come into contact with his various working techniques, his intellectual pursuits, and the artist’s own life. His practice extends to painting, drawing, inks and sculpture, using materials such as wood, iron, steel, lead and cardboard. The exhibition “Portraits and Rhapsodies” presents works from recent years.

“My sculpture is my touchless reality, my everyday life, full of expectations, frustrations, hurries, carelessness, momentary triumphs and da capo. Sometimes it suddenly stands self-existent in front of me as if to say go ahead, go on, go from the beginning that is.” With these words Cornelios Grammenos (Patras, 1959-Athens, 2021) was describing his artistic path, his art, only in April 2020, just before his sudden “departure”.

The Municipal Gallery of Patras has presented important work in the last two years under particularly difficult conditions due to the pandemic, where it has made use of modern technologies to maintain its presence among the art-loving public through the production of online exhibitions and the screening of video productions via Youtube. The Retrospective painting exhibition “Grigoris Papatheodorou”, the exhibition of drawings and engravings by Zizis Makri “Her Greece”, the 1st Online Art Exhibition, 50 artists participated with 77 paintings, 11 ceramics and sculptures, 9 engravings, 20 mixed media works and 3 video arts, the ARTISTS WITHOUT BORDERS painting exhibition. PAPER NO LIMIT, Illusion/Illusion 10+10, with the participation of Greek and Polish artists in the framework of the Patras International Festival and many more. We are proceeding with the digital recording and exploitation of a permanent collection of artworks – publishing archive. At the same time, the Municipal Gallery published catalogues – brochures for exhibitions.

The Workshop we held on the topic: “The imprint of the revolution of 1821, in society, art and culture” is now in print and can enrich the libraries of the educational structures of our city.

Within the reactive institutional framework in which the municipalities operate, which has been formed successively by all governments, in times of memorandum and post-memorandum underfunding and understaffing, we are trying to ensure to the maximum extent, free access to art and culture for our citizens.

The interview was also attended by the head of the Municipal Gallery, Gianna Panagopoulou.

Opening hours : Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00 – 14.00, Tuesday to Friday: 18.00 – 21.00, Sunday, Monday and public holidays closed