The work of the sculptor Paulina Cassimatis, presented in the exhibition “Mnemosyne” at the Mansion of ESTIA Neas Smyrnis, describes a profound human experience, which permeates the sense of loss and rebirth. Cassimatis creates a dialogue between the human form and the material, inviting the viewer to explore their feelings and insights.The exhibition highlights a deeper awareness of human existence through the art of formation. Each work brings to the surface the emotional tension that accompanies the process of life.

The sculptures offer the public a fascinating journey through the abysses of human nature through bronze and clay, reflecting man’s constant struggle with himself and the world around him. At the same time, the value of pain as a means for human growth and healing emerges, inviting the viewer on a journey of inner self-knowledge and discovery.

The artist’s use of clay as a medium of expression allows direct contact with history, while the use of bronze underlines the strength and perseverance of the human spirit. Through abstraction, simplification and the expression of passion and human anguish, she captures the human condition with depth and honesty.

From an early age, Cassimatis was fascinated by the human figure, which has always played an important role in her artistic development. Much of her focus has been on sculptures and installations that explore emotional expression through the human form.

In the context of “Mnemosyne”, Cassimatis creates an aesthetic contrast between the past and the present. These sculptures, which seem to melt, highlight the inevitable course of life, death and rebirth, making the process itself an art form.


Paulina Cassimatis is a sculptor based in Athens and originally from Asia Minor. She is distinguished for her refined aesthetics and her ability to combine the past with the present through the impressive works of art she creates. With numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally, as well as commissions from various institutions and individuals, she is an established figure in the field of sculpture.

Her works have gained recognition and have been commissioned by various institutions, museums and foundations, such as St. Catherine’s British School, the Konstantinos Karamanlis Institute for Democracy, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Hadjiionannou Foundation, the Leventis Foundation and the Maria Callas Museum.

  • This exhibition is curated by Georgia Sivri, Museologist of ESTIA and Exhibition Curator.

– Duration: 5 June- 5 July 2024
– Opening Days/ Times: Monday– Friday: 09.00 – 17.00

Admission to the exhibition is free

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