The painter Mina Papatheodorou-Valyrakis, twenty years after her exhibition “The mind and the body” in 2003 at the Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Basil Papantoniou in Nafplion returns to the same space founded by the superb female costume designer and set designer of the National Theater, the Art Theatre (Theatro Technis), who was awarded and excelled in Greece and worldwide, Ioanna Papantoniou (Honorary President of the Foundation), and after the challenge and invitation Mrs. Valyrakis received by the President of the Museum, Mrs. Georgia Samaras, will hold the opening of her new exhibition on in on Saturday, July 29. The exhibition is held under the auspices and sponsorship of the Municipality of Nafplio, the Mayor Mr. Dimitris Kostouros and the President of the Municipal Organization of Culture – Environment – Sports – Tourism, Mrs. Maria Ralli.

After United States in Maryland in 2022 and her exhibition (‘’Nature and Environment) with the great artist, the First Lady of Maryland – Yumi Hogan- the new exhibition of the artist Mina Papatheodorou-Valyrakis, entitled “Nafplion 2023- THEN AND NOW” is presented from July 29, 2023 and for 2 months.

The exhibition will present combinations of themes that reflect nature and the intervention in it, large-scale works with the forests, the iron arms of the cranes that interfere with the ports and the sea and violate it. The natural environment, therefore, and what it entails through sensation, observation, immersion, identification with it, is the result of this unity of works that began to focus on this part that surrounds us and in which we ultimately exist. Also, iconic large F1 projects as well as visual-industrial projects and applications inspired by KYKNOS, a factory inextricably linked to the museum.

That’s how the works of canning and ketchup KYKNOS were born. From that point and over, the creation of applied works and crafts for the shop of the Museum of the Basil Papantoniou Foundation began. In Italy in Como, the scarves and shawls were made, as in the past the formula-related scarves for America under the brand TDS+MINA P.V. This time the red color of KYKNOS dominates; the classic canned goods of KYKNOS, tomatoes and ketchup, all nature in a box.

The applied arts and crafts with the works of Kyknos found in the Museum’s shop are highly original, inventive, and unique; from notebooks, pencils, erasers, wonderful plexi glass, trays, placemats and a bunch of applications.

With her latest election, as Arts consultant at FICTS Milan, Cortina in June 2023 in the general assembly for the Winter Olympic Games Milan/Cortina 2026, new professional challenges for the next 4 years (2023-2027) are opened, while the projects for the United States in 2024 are already underway.

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