DL Gallery presents on Saturday 13 April 2024 the first solo exhibition of Hermione Syrogiannopoulou entitled ” KNOTS “.

Syrogiannopoulou’s artistic work is fresh, it is unexpected, it is wild and dynamic. It is the example of a thought that traverses in successive steps a perpetual evolutionary path. It is “something” that does not fit into an artistic typology. It cannot be described as a painting, sculpture or installation.

According to Panagiotis Pangalos, Professor of Architecture and Art: ”A multitude of different spikes tied to a canvas creates a collective whole, which is constituted by the super-concentration of each subject’s uniqueness. Three main elements characterize this work. The first is patience. Like a modern-day Penelope, Hermione weaves her wires, patiently awaiting the completion of the cycle, the arrival of Odysseus, the coming of the end. The second element is repetition. A rhythmic melody recorded by the knots. An uninterrupted process of prayer, where the person enters into himself to harmonize with the cosmic order. The third element is movement.

Syrogiannopoulou proposes pulsating forms, which conquer variability, either through the different position of the recipient or through the possibility of moving the compositional elements of the works. Not everyone can become a great artist, but some succeed without that being their goal. Syroyannopoulou’s writing demonstrates not so much an understanding of this fundamental reality as a belief in the “inspiration” of art. The artist invites us to welcome her art with our personal conviction. Her work moves on a transcendental level, connecting visible reality with forces beyond control. What we experience near her works is dependent on our state of preparation towards something unfamiliar and at the same time familiar, although this is not the only element on which to rely.

For those who know the creator, her practicality, reliability and kindness are decisive guarantors for her art. For those who do not know her, I reply that the new needs defenders. The field of art is hard on young creators and their proposals.

That’s why there are times when an art explorer risks his choices in order to discover something truly innovative.”

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 13 April 2024, 15:00 – 21:00

Exhibition Duration: 13 April 2024 till 29 June 2024

Opening Hours:  Thursday/ Friday : 12:00 – 19:30
Saturday: 12:00 – 16:00

Entrance to the exhibition is free to the public.


Mesolonghiou 55A

Piraeus 18545

Greece, Athens

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