The contemporary art gallery BRAGGART presents the solo exhibition of the artist Yorgos Simeonidis entitled “Roots” and Colours, curated by Yannis Mitrou, which will take place on Wednesday 29 May at 20:30 at the art box of the gallery at Papakiriazi 55 & Skarlatos Soutsou, in the centre of Larissa. The exhibition will run until 15 June 2024.

Roots are the internal demarcation of our originary relationship with what we call existence. It is in a way an attempt to exorcise the fear of our non-existence which is nestled in the fear of death, in the consciousness of our finite life. They are, together with our position in impermanence, the two building blocks of our psychic fluidity which is reflected in the materiality of the lived world.

What is in is out and vice versa is taught to us by the unconscious. Which Lacan demonstrated through the topology of the “Möbius strip”. The outside exists as a condition of our perception, as a visibility of the momentary present. Colour is therefore the visible realisation of visual perception in relation to the limit and the infinite. Every surface, every geometric shape, every drawing acquires another meaning through the colour concept. Colours are concepts, or we could say they are ontological reflections of the subject of aesthetic perception; which is not-even-it-is also a subject of the unconscious and whose trauma is made visible by colours.

Yorgos Simeonidis, according to the curator of the exhibition, Yannis Mitrou, is an exceptional case of a young artist who is not afraid of sinking. Conquering form and exploring colour, he gradually gives himself up to the unconscious aspect of form and colour experience. An experience that converses with the unspeakable and the individual experience that extends to the collective Being through the artist’s intention to “bare” himself in the gaze of each one and commune his own rhizome. So the geometry of the form he proposes comes from the core of the matter of the thymic. By obsessively seeking Kandinsky’s interiority, which is based on the first principles of creation where everything is vibrated and depicted as chromatic existentialities, he reveals his own “void”, the place of his own truth. Through the gesture of his chromaticity, he subjectifies his visual writing through the strangeness of the dialogue between a structured visual language inscribed in its laws and a passionate corporeality that appears within the colours and forms of his paintings.

Venue:BRAGGART Contemporary Gallery (Founded by Androniki Daskalou)

Curator: Yannis Mitrou

Opening Night:  29 May 2024, 20:30

Duration: 29 May- 15 June 2024

Opening Times: Mondays Closed, Tuesday and Thursday10:00-14:00, Wednesday and Friday 12:00-20:00, Saturday 10:00-14:00

By appointment at: 6908622813

Address:BRAGGART, art box Papakyriazi 55 &Skarlatou Soutsou, Larissa

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