The artworks are narratives of pseudo-events which are “designed” in order to give either a cynical, or an ironic, or a reconstructive dimension of real events.

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The exhibitions by Michalis Zacharias and Maria Louizou continue at the Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center until July 31st.

Michalis Zacharias‘ solo exhibition titled Authentically Appealing is inspired by the relationship between avant-garde and politics through imaginative scenarios of invalidating both the modernist spirit and the political utopia. The artworks are narratives of pseudo-events – inspired by real-life events that are diverted in one way or another – and the narratives are “designed” in order to give either a cynical, or an ironic, or a reconstructive dimension of real events. With the potential provided by modern technology in terms of the construction of false events and pseudo-narratives (3D graphics, digital photomontage, archival and public domain images), an attempt is being made to post-visualize history, either as alleged archival material or as supposed modern reconstructions and events.

In her exhibition Six Breaths per Minute, Maria Louizou presents a unique sculptural installation combined with a vocal performance. Upon entering the ground floor of the gallery, the visitors three large-scale clay constructions, in which the three performers step into in order to use the sculptures as speakers for a composition created by the artist herself. For these large clay sculptures, Louizou drew her inspiration from the Greek tradition, ancient and modern, and the end result is a combination of different pottery forms, chosen to serve both the artistic vision of the artist, but also to create the necessary conditions to achieve the desired acoustics.

Until July 17, the performances will take place live every Thursday and Saturday. Afterwards, there will be a video recording in the exhibition space.

Performers: the sopranos Aliki Siousti, Katerina Nounopoulou, Maria Louizou
Video recording: George Makris

Exhibition duration: June 16 – July 31, 2021

Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday 15:00 – 20:00, Wednesday – Friday 12:00 – 20:00, Saturday 12:00 – 16:00