Among the items to be auctioned is the handwritten manuscript of the poem “Che fece … … il gran rifiuto” by C. P. Cavafy, as well as 22 autographed letters by Odysseas Elytis.

A wide range of rare books, manuscripts, documents and prints of special interest is included in the next auction of VERGOS Auctions, which will take place on Wednesday, November 24 at 5.00 pm. at the Athens Plaza Hotel and will also be broadcast live on the website

Among the 602 items that will be auctioned are manuscripts by our great poets Constantinos Cavafy and Odysseas Elytis stand out; namely, the handwritten manuscript of the poem “Che fece … … il gran rifiuto” by C. Cavafy and 22 autographed letters of Odysseus Elytis to Efi Kanellopoulou, the wife of the industrialist and close friend of the poet, Alexandros Kanellopoulos.

Another important and special section in the auction includes 135 philhellenic items from the historical library of a collector from Athens, which includes mainly pamphlets, music scores and other materials related to the philhellenic movement, collected over many years.

Finally, special mention should be made of the posters created for the promotion of Greece as a tourist destination by the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT), as well as other advertising campaigns by well-known brands of the 1950s – 1960s. It includes, among others, the well-known theme “The Virgin Mary be with him” by G. Gounaropoulos from 1940, as well as the poster of EOT designed by the award-winning M. Katzourakis in 1963, which is considered one of the most beautiful of its kind.

VERGOS Auctions recommends to those interested to participate at the auction online via the renewed website of the Auction House, as well as via telephone or written offer. For those who wish to attend the auction in person, registrations are necessary (tel +30 210 3614897).

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