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FOUGARO hosts a multifarious project by artist Florica Kyriacopoulos in the indoor and outdoor areas of the ARTCENTER. The exhibition-installation titled REDS is a work in progress that began in October 2021.

Inspired by works in the FKPCOLLECTION, F. Kyriacopoulos explore the dynamics of the red colour through paintings, objects, photographs and sculptures conversing with each other in a venue filled with colour and light. Visitors can see works by Stephen Antonakos, Giorgos Lappas and Ona B., and continue the experience in the LIBRARY, following a course of artistic creation with works by Antoni Tàpies, Imran Qureshi and Pantelis Chandris. Finally, a course in the outdoor area of FOUGARO ARTCENTER presents different elements as points of reference to the REDS project. Plants, architectural elements and utility articles bathed in red create an environment from which we return somewhat changed to our daily reality.

Curated by Florica Kyriacopoulos

works by

Adamakos | Alexiou | Antonakos | Avedon |

Haberpointner | Holt | Kaloudi | Kypraios

Kyriacopoulos | Kyritsopoulos | Lappas

 Mortarakos | Ona B | Papachristos | Pijuan

Sarrigeorgiou | Tàpies | Tsekoura | Warren

Chandris | Psychoulis | Qureshi

Free entrance