Duration: 9/12/2021- 15/01/2022

Opening : 9/12/2021 at 13.00 – 22.00


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Evripides Art Gallery welcomes 2022 with the exhibition titled “1922 – 2022: With a feeling of hope” from 9 December 2021 to 15 January 2022. The aim is to honour the cultural heritage of Asia Minor and to highlight the “optimism of the people of Asia Minor, who transcended obstacles and impoverishment, holding on to life even stronger”, notes Louisa Karapidaki, art historian and curator of the exhibition.

There are six exhibition units:

  1. Personal narratives

Savvas Georgiadis, Andreas Kontellis and Michalis Madenis share the memories of the refugees through their work.

2 Refugees from Asia Minor: people of the arts and letters

Spyros Kotsalas, Kostas Papatriantafyllopoulos, Elena Kyrkili, Giannis Efthymiou, Vasilis Goumas, Dafni Aggelidou, Andreas Nikolaou present the great figures from Asia Minor in the Greek arts and letters.

  1. Landscapes of memory

Dimitris Andreadakis, Chrysa Vergi, Miltos Golemas, Giannis Michailidis, Maria Filopoulou, Vasilis Papanikolaou, Manolis Charos present the landscapes of memory and “passage” for the refugees, through works ranging from realism to expressionism.


The relics of the Greeks from Asia Minor become the link with the great past and testimonies of a great history, through the works of Miltos Pantelias, Eirini Gonou, Tasos Mantzavinos, Katerina Giannaka and Elli Empedokli.

  1. Symbolic references

Christos Pallantzas, Vaggelis Rinas, Giorgos Kouvakis, Erietta Vordoni and Konstantinos Nikou present the iconography of refugee memory, individual or collective, through works that can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

  1. References as homage

Lila Papoula, Stojan Donef, Stella Kapezanou and Deni Theocharaki pay homage to human will that transcends every painful experience, through their lyrical works with enigmatic compositions.