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“I. Mastroopoulos: Paintings and enamels”
at the Art Space of National Insurance Company “STOART KORAI”

“Ι. I. Mastroopoulos. Paintings and Enamels” is the title of the exhibition, which will be presented at the hospitable Art Space “STOART KORAI” and will last from 11 March to 27 April 2022. Ioannis (Ivan) Mastroopoulos is primarily an expressionist painter, a true master of mosaics in large public and private buildings. commissions he undertakes for monumental works in Greece and abroad, demonstrating a unique dexterity in his means of visual expression.”The artist has developed a now recognizable pictorial style, which with the intensity of the brushstroke seems extroverted and exuberant, but it also involves
at the same time introspection and mysticism, making the work personal and mystagogic,” says art historian Venia Pastaka. The exhibition presented at the Art Space of National Insurance Company, “STOart”, consists of two separate sections. In the first we have classical painting with five dynamic painted landscapes and an equal number of drawings, in which the artist deals with issues of volumes and composition. The second and larger section consists of enamels. “Here the world of the imaginary converses with reality. Calmness alternates with tension. In the world that unfolds in this series, children fly, people fight, couples fall in love. There is a sense of joy and optimism throughout the works,” Ms Pastaka will note. It is noted that the exhibition respects all the protection measures for Covid-19. provided for by the applicable protocols.