World distinction for a yachtsman from Patras!

The Hellenic Navy Cadets Academy was ranked 1st in the U25 category at the J24 World Sailing Championship held at the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki. The athlete of the Patras Sailing Club Lambros Georgopoulos was also a member of the team.

The Board of Directors of the Patras Sailing Club states:

“It is a special honor for our group since the awarding of the award in this particular category was made by the President of the PSC and general secretary of the Open Sea Committee of the Hellenic Sailing Federation Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos. It was a touching moment when the president of the PSC, among others, awards a child who was nurtured and manned by sailing in our group.

The success of our athlete with his team is yet another proof of the great work that the PSC carries out in our city, that is, to teach seamanship and love for the sea and sailing to all of our fellow citizens”

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