The unveiling of the bust of the patriarch of Greek cinema, the leading Greek film producer and founder of Finos Film, Filopimin Finos, was held on Thursday 25/04 by the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni and the mayor of Athens H. Dukas, at the park of Larissa station. The work, funded by the Ministry of Culture, was created by the sculptor Vangelis Elias.

In her address, the Minister of Culture, after noting that today the honour is being paid belatedly to Filopimin Finos, praised his passion for cinema, recording the milestones of his thirty-year creative journey, which goes hand in hand with the history of Greek cinema.

Filopimin Finos was born in Kato Tithorea, Locris in 1908. His father, a doctor, became a theatre owner, turning theatre halls into movie theatres. Young Filopimin loved the “machines” and the technique of cinema. He studies law in Athens, political science in Germany, but cinema wins him over forever.

According to the Minister of Culture, Filopimin Finos, “In three decades he has built an empire. He has produced a host of actors, directors, writers and technicians who will have a meteoric career, having passed through the Finos Film School. He seals as no one else the golden age of Greek popular cinema, which is essentially born and dies with him”.

The actor Yannis Vogiatzis and the director of photography Nikos Kavoukidis, who worked in the Finos Film studios, and many other people of the cinema, spoke about Finos. The event was also attended by the mayor of Athens, Harris Dukas, the former mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis, with whose cooperation this initiative was undertaken, and representatives of the film world.

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