The Venetian port of Chania was flooded with traditional costumes of Cretan girls and boys, songs and dances at this year’s opening of the “Traditional Strata” organized by the Municipality of Chania for the third consecutive year.

In an idyllic setting, just before sunset, the Rizitiko Singing Clubs started to walk down the Halidon Street performing Rizitiko songs in a unique way. They ended up at the Fortress of Firka, where from the emblematic point of the Greek flag’s mast, with their vocal skills, they spread the power of Rizitiko singing throughout the Venetian Harbour of Chania.

At the same time, musicians and Cretan girls gathered at the Gyali Mosque and marched towards the Firkas Fortress, while at the same time, dancers in traditional costumes passed by boats across the pier of the Lighthouse, where they danced pentozali.

The Traditional Strata of the Municipality of Chania will take place every Tuesday afternoon for the next few months, aiming to highlight the special characteristics of the place through tradition, traditional costume, traditional culture and the unique music, dance and vocal skills of the members of the Traditional Associations.

At the opening ceremony, crowds of people flooded the Venetian Harbour of Chania which was transformed into a large music and dance stage, a journey into tradition and Cretan culture.

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