The qualified theatre texts will be transformed into performances and will be staged in three venues of the Municipality of Athens

The first part of the competition for the writing and performance of a theatrical play “Theatre at the Museum” on the theme “Stories of Movement“, inspired by the collections of three cultural sites of the Municipality of Athens: the Industrial Museum of Industrial Gas of the Technopolis, the Museum of Folk Art and Tradition “Angeliki Hadjimichali” and the Gallery of the Organization of Culture and Sports of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA), has been completed.

The open call addressed by the Municipality of Athens to adult artists and artistic groups on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Asia Minor Catastrophe resulted in the submission of a total of 25 theatrical works within the deadline, from May 20 to June 15, when the open call was completed after an extension. From the total number of plays submitted, the Jury Committee appointed for each venue selected the following plays by the following authors for the next stage:

Industrial Museum of Gasworks

‘White Horses in Gazi’, author: Valasia Vazzola

“The drunkard / The night watchman”, by the author: Kostas Lakis

“As a pure spirit”, author: Eugenia Tzirtzilaki

Jury Committee

Anastasia Doxanaki, archaeologist – museologist

Christina Karaveziri, writer – actress

Katerina Mavrogeorgis, director – writer


Museum of Folk Art and Tradition “Angeliki Hadjimichali”

“Under the dome of the Ionian sky”, author: George Sioulas

“HERE. A stage trick for movement”, author: Marianna Tzani (Team: The third point)

“Angel’s Poem”, author: Vassilis Tryfoultsanis

The jury of the jury

Ellia Vlachou, museologist

Christos Christopoulos, actor – director, museum theatre actor

Antonis Galeos, actor – director, translator

Art Gallery of the Municipality of Athens

“I was not born a refugee”, author: Vamvuki Fotini

“Happy Unhappy People”, author Katsadima Antigoni

“Give me this stranger”, author: Plumidi Myrto

Jury Committee

Fotini Venieri, professor of museum theatre at the university

Konstantina Yahali, author

Dimitris Daskas, actor

The shortlisted plays will be transformed into theatrical performances that will be staged between October and December 2022 at the three selected venues. The winners of the competition will be determined by the vote of the audience and the Jury and will receive a cash prize with their award.

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