In the context of World Environment Day, on June 5, the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Chania, proceeds to the implementation of the second cycle of the program Epana-thesis.

This is the posting of literary messages and texts on illegal advertising signs that were removed from the public space by the competent crews of the City of Chania in the past, recycled and reused in order to become a reason for discussion among passers-by.

The signs, returning to a new cycle of use, “host” literary texts, extracts from poetic works, questions that ask for an answer and surprise the passerby in public space.

Passers-by will find messages around cultural sites such as the Vlisidis Theatre and the small Lentarian amphitheatre (workers’ houses), the Museum of School Life of the Municipality of Chania in Nerokourou, next to emblematic places such as the Russian barracks, open spaces and parks such as the Peace and Friendship Park and the Municipal Nursing Home of Chania.

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