The Zervas administration secured €29.7 million in funding from the Recovery Fund

Ten commercial streets in all the municipalities of Thessaloniki are acquiring a new strong identity through a comprehensive programme for their economic reconstruction and urban regeneration, prepared by the administration of Constantine Zervas.

This major development project, which integrates policies for sustainable urban development and urban resilience, bioclimatic elements and smart applications, is to be financed to the tune of approximately €29.7 million from the Recovery Funds, as it is part of the “Interventions aimed at improving public space” programme of the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Mr Zervas: “The vision becomes reality”

“We have claimed and secured €29.7 million from the Recovery Fund for 10 commercial streets in the city. We managed within a short period of time to prepare our proposals and now we are moving on to implementation. Urban and commercial regeneration, aesthetic and functional upgrading, accessibility – this is our goal. Thessaloniki is a vibrant, commercial city with strong local markets, a city that is accessible, smart, beautiful, clean, a public space of excellence. We reverse the image of abandonment, we strengthen the local economy, we contribute to the creation of new jobs, new incomes”, said in a statement the Mayor of Thessaloniki Konstantinos Zervas, stressing: “Thessaloniki is changing day by day. The vision is becoming reality”.

Ten shopping streets are being built day by day.

As explained by Dimitris Mitrou, technical advisor to the Mayor of Thessaloniki, the Municipality’s plan involves targeted interventions in ten commercial streets, selected in cooperation with the local municipalities – with relevant decisions of their councils – and after a technical audit by the competent technical department of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

In particular, the interventions will be carried out on the following roads:

  1. Egnatia
  2. On the Egnatia road, on the Egnatia highway
  3. On the Elypoe, on the Elypoe, on the Elypoe, on the Olympus, on the Koloniari
  4. In Kololoski Street, in Panagia Faneromeni
  5. In the Church of Panathmonos
  6. In Papafi
  7. On 25th of March
  8. In Markos Bottsaris
  9. In Venizelou (Triandria)
  10. In Eleftherias (Triandria)

As part of the projects planned, among other things, urban greenery will be enhanced, bins will be undergrounded, accessibility for people with disabilities will be improved, pavements will be reconstructed and lighting will be upgraded with low energy consumption lighting.

The design of the Municipality of Thessaloniki also includes smart systems and applications, such as the creation of seating areas where electronic devices can be charged with the help of photovoltaic panels, the installation of a parking prevention system on ramps for the disabled, the installation of a centrally controlled irrigation water management system or the design of smart pedestrian crossings.

Maps will be placed in the commercial areas to facilitate the accessibility of the areas, and a series of interventions to improve the microclimate in the redeveloped areas.

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