The Department of Social Policy, Disability Protection and Equality of the Municipality of Chania in the context of the upcoming World Celiac Disease Day (16 May), participates in a global action, which aims to raise awareness of the disease, in collaboration with the Hellenic Celiac Disease Society.

In this context, the global campaign “Shine a Light on Celiac Disease“, launched in 2020 by the Celiac Disease Foundation of America and continuing across Europe, proposes to illuminate buildings and monuments around the world with blue light.

The Municipality of Chania participates in this global action and will illuminate on Thursday 16 May, the Lighthouse in the Venetian Harbour, with blue light, in order to reinforce the message of awareness of celiac disease.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease that affects a large percentage of the population with the only treatment worldwide being a gluten-free diet.

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