The Krah was raised in Athens, where he became a prolific graffiti artist in the 90’s.

He has remained a prominent artist over the last 18 years by painting the streets while touring around Europe and Asian countries such as Japan and Thailand, and leaving a piece in every city.

Having been born in the UK, The Krah moved to London after the new Millennia and has since had a variety solo shows in London and one in Berlin.

The Krah’s work is in a large range of private collections. He also curates art shows in London, where he remains living, and world-wide.

Enter the bustling world of THE KRAH in a pop-up show in Exarchia, organized by Pame Hotels and featuring the iconic graffiti artist. Explore a wide selection of signed paintings, limited edition posters, and other creations by the artist.

From 11 May till 7 June 2ο24. 

PAME Gallery

under: Pame Paradiso hotel


Klisovis 7



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