K. Bakoyannis: “With these partnerships we make the city better for Athenians”

The Municipality of Athens has entered into a partnership with another important university institution of the country, the Panteion, in order for the two institutions to collaborate on emblematic actions that will have a direct impact on Athenian society, the environment and the city itself. The cooperation was sealed with a memorandum signed between the Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis and the Rector of Panteion, Professor Christina Koulouri.

The two sides agreed to strengthen their scientific cooperation through the exchange of know-how and research experience on issues related to the quality of life in Athens.

“The Municipality of Athens continues to “open” the field of cooperation with the largest university institutions for the benefit of the city. These partnerships are not theoretical and are not limited to a paper with signatures. They are essential and necessary because they open our horizons and help us, through valuable expertise in key areas, to make the city better for Athenians. I am particularly grateful to the Rector of Panteion for this cooperation,” the Mayor of Athens said in a statement.

For her part, the Rector of Panteion University, stresses: “Panteion University, as an academic institution belonging to the urban fabric of Athens, is developing a strategic cooperation with the Municipality of Athens for the organization of joint educational activities, events of public character, as well as projects for the benefit of its students. Our common goal is to revitalise the relationship between citizens and the city experience, to strengthen inclusion and participation policies and to enhance the quality of life”.

The cooperation includes the design and development of model solutions for green, sustainable, climate-neutral, resilient and innovative cities. The submission of proposals for urban regeneration and upgrading of public space will be open to the residents of Athens, while the participation of the Municipality of Athens in international networks of cities, such as the C40 Network and the 100 Resilient Cities Network, will also be exploited.

Promotion of the destination, innovation and entrepreneurship

At the same time, the Municipality of Athens, through the Development and Tourism Promotion Company and the Athens Partnership, will collaborate with Panteion University to develop strategic communication (branding) and digital marketing programmes, aiming to promote Athens as an attractive destination for residents, visitors, entrepreneurs and investors.

The two institutions will also cooperate in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship through new ideas, exchange of know-how, international synergies, networking and participation in European programmes. Students of the university will be able to participate in the Digital Lab, the Digital Solutions Development Laboratory of the Municipality of Athens, in order to design innovative digital solutions and pilot applications for new products and services that enhance the quality of life of residents and visitors.

The partnership extends to the field of culture. The Municipality of Athens will collaborate with the Panteion Choir for the organisation of joint educational activities and public events.

At the same time, the municipality will offer internships to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the university in its supervised institutions, while the Panteion Centre for Lifelong Learning will create cutting-edge training programmes for the executives of the Municipality of Athens and its institutions.