Completing successfully the first cycle of performances at Sfendoni Theatre, “in utero [or] what do you find yours, in the loneliness of the chamber that resembles a tomb? “, directed by Konstantinos Papasotiropoulos, is coming to Patras, exclusively for two performances at the Michanourgeio Theatre, on February 24 and 25.

It is a performance-installation based on the “Novel of Mrs Ersi” by Nikos Gavriel Pentzikis (1908-1993), which narratively explores the landscape of the common life of Ersi and Pavlos (published by Agra Publications, Athens, 1992 and a diary of George Seferis).

The work is a narrative-installation: about the wedding.The walk as a unit of measurement of memory. The stage discourse as a tour – as if to say: an attempt at the in situ development of memory and the stage space as an attempt at an imprinted installation of waiting.

Here is an excerpt from Pentzikis’ book.

“The butterfly that was in her eyes lifted her wings and uncovered their dry bed, where, as if by a miracle, endless tears began to gush forth. She cried, cried until the tears flooded the empty sockets, and her eyes lit up again, like two cell nuclei in an orgasm of regeneration and multiplication, forming the plasmatic spindles of karyokinesis with their horseshoe-shaped separations of chromosomes and their movements from the two poles towards the new common membrane of separation that life imposes. Then she really felt Paul beside her, too, leaning down and kissing her eyelids.”


Directed by- Installation conceived by: Konstantinos Papasotiropoulos

The Actors: Stefanos Vlachos, Sylia Bisioti

Design og the poster: Glykeria Pappa

Communications manager: Mariana Rantou

Running Time: 90’

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