“the Olympia Municipal Theater was, is and will be our big bet. Because OLYMPIA, ladies and gentlemen, is not another theater in Athens. It is the center of culture in Athens”

After the challenging times of the pandemic, the Olympia Municipal Music Theater “Maria Callas” returns with a bold program for the period 2021 – 2022 to re-establish its place as “the center of culture in Athens” as described by the mayor of Athens Mr. Κostas Bakogiannis.

Olympia Municipal Music Theater “Maria Callas”.

In this new beginning, the Theater’s operation will be based on:

  • In its own productions and co-productions
  • It will emphasize its musical character as its history and tradition dictate.
  • In collaboration with respective European theaters and exchange of performances, it will go beyond the limits of the city, with extroversion, and become the ambassador of Athens abroad.
  • It remains the “home” of the ensembles of the Municipality of Athens.
  • It will operate with respect for health and safety as a place purely for the vaccinated and those who have already had covid-19.

Due to the 200th Anniversary of the declaration of the Revolution, the Theater’s program, , will be dedicated to the Revolution at least until January, with opera, contemporary dance, and concerts such as Achilles (Athanasios Christopoulos), The Siege of Corinth (Gioachino Rossini),Markos Botsaris (Pavlos Carrer).

Olivier Decot, artistic director of the theatre

Olivier Decot, the artistic director of the theatre, is in charge of the program. Despite the changes and limitations caused by the pandemic, the spirit of the program remained unchanged. Lyric theater will dominate, with high-quality performances with ticket prices accessible to the general public.

Detailed programme: OLYMPIA program Oct-Jan_2021 FINAL

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