NEON collaborates with the National Hellenic Research Foundation and presents the exhibition Before and After Science, a new commission to the artist Iris Touliatou, from 27 May to 7 July 2024, curated by Galini Notti.

The exhibition is part of the NEON CITY PROJECT 2024, in the framework of which NEON commissions an artist to create a work that is exhibited in a public space for a specific period of time. Once again, NEON is partnering with cultural institutions and activates historical spaces in contemporary art actions accessible to all.

The exhibition Before and After Science by Iris Touliatou at the National Hellenic Research Foundation is displayed in the reception area and in the Science, Technology and Culture Library “K.Th. Dimaras” of the Foundation. The title, borrowed from the musician Brian Eno’s album of the same name, functions as a timeline and captures the living – in vivo – and laboratory – in vitro – process of synthesis of the works through analysis, deconstruction and reconstruction, synchronizing functional, environmental and social conditions.

Taking into account the history of the Foundation, its institutional and social role, its importance for research and knowledge, the works – objects, protocols, extended services, transmissions – are integrated into the functions of the organisation, giving access to the general public.

Iris Touliatou uses a variety of tools and practices that are necessary for each intervention. Through meticulous reconstructions of objects, systems, economies, human relations and processes of production, maintenance and repair, her practice outlines the structures of the contemporary situation.

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