The Municipality of Petroupolis celebrates World Poetry Day by decorating sixteen bus stop displays with verses by Greek poets for one week (16-23 March 2024), and by planning an innovative action entitled: “Poets Visit Our City Schools”. On Thursday, March 21, poets will visit the following schools:

2nd Secondary School
Dimitris Varvarigos, Spyros Goulas, Vicky Katsarou

4th Secondary School
Giorgos Rouskas, Danae Siozou, Thomas Tsalapatis

4th High School
Anna Afentoulidou, Asimina Xirogianni

On the same day, the students of the 3rd High School will meet with the poet, Stathis Siomos, at our Municipal Library.

Information: Directorate for Culture, Sport and Youth, Tel: 2128098222, [email protected]

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