The Municipality of Athens supports culture

June – September 2021

4 venues – 100+ events

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For a second year, the Municipality of Athens actively supports the cultural sector, the artists and workers who have been heavily affected by the pandemic, and offers a summer full of music, concerts, dance and theater performances for adults and children in 4 iconic venues. The events will be realized in the context of Culture is Athens, a three-year plan announced by the Municipality, which aims at upgrading, promoting and unifying Athens’ cultural fabric, while actively supporting artists and employees in the field of culture.


From June to September 2021, the Municipality of Athens opens four iconic venues, the Technopolis, the Kolonos and Gravas Theaters of OPANDA and the AB Cinema and offers them free of charge to artists, groups and companies for the organization of cultural events, along with the infrastructure needed for their realization.

This year’s program is curated by the Organization of Culture, Sports & Youth of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) and Technopolis. After an open call, 100 of the proposals submitted were selected by the Events Committee of the Municipality of Athens. The program includes dance performances, concerts, festivals, theater & musical theater performances, and – after a long time – our most beloved artists and musicians back on stage!

Θέατρο Κολωνού