New terrain, safe equipment and an iconic graffiti of the “Greek Freak”

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The Sports Center of Sepolia of the Municipality of Athens, where everything started for Giannis Antetokounmpo and he began to write the first pages of his basketball history with “Triton of Sepolia”, is renovated and renewed.

At a time when the “Greek Freak”, with hard work and perseverance, is making his dream come true by reaching the top of the NBA, the Municipality of Athens and the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality (OPANDA), with the cooperation and support of Disney, they “transform” the two basketball courts of Sepolia, which recently hosted the filming of a movie about Antetokounmpo’s childhood and adolescence.

The old courts with the concrete flooring were radically renovated and acquired modern equipment and appropriate infrastructure. In the two basketball courts of Sepolia, the four basketballs hoops were inspected and maintained, as well as their surrounding space, a new safe flooring with markings was installed, the fence was replaced, and the street artist same84 returns to the court where Giannis began to unfold his basketball history and recreates an iconic mural of the NBA champion.