The second cycle of the module “The Conservatory presents” starts on Monday 22 January 2024 at 8.00 pm at the Municipal Conservatory of Patras. In the concert hall of the Conservatory there will be a lecture-presentation on the form of Amane in the recordings of Rebecca by the distinguished musician Eugenios Voulgaris.

The aim of the event is to familiarize the public with Amanes, while contributing to the preservation of his art and repositioning him at the centre of contemporary artistic creation.

Amanes is a form of urban tropical improvisational improvisational song that was first encountered in Constantinople and Smyrna and then, after the Asia Minor catastrophe, in Athens and Piraeus.

The main source of information about the amanuensis is the discography of the period, mainly on 78 rpm gramophone records. The recording and study of the amanuettes that have survived to the present day highlights the diverse characteristics of the art of its creation.

In this event, Eugenios Voulgaris will talk about the rebetiko amane through the recordings of interwar rebetiko, its lyrical and musicological characteristics, presenting at the same time an analysis of its form in order for its art to be understood and made accessible to the general public.

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