Minos Matsas, the award-winning composer who has been fascinating and moving us with his melodies for the last 30 years, presents on Thursday 7 March his symphonic music with works he has composed for film and theatre.

An evening dedicated to Women’s Day.

The National Symphony Orchestra of ERT, conducted by Miltos Loyadis, will participate.


Music| Minos Matsas
Orchestrated by | Yannis Gkikas
Directed by | Stavros Tsakiris
Lighting Design | Christina Thanasoula
Video Designer | Andreas Kourelas
Soloists| Takis Vasileiou Βασιλείου (traditional percussion), Christos Zerbinos (accordion), Yorgos Matsikas (mandolin, lute), Paris Perysinakis (Cretan Lyra)

National Symphony Orchestra of  ΕRΤ
Conductor | Miltos Loyadis

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