On the occasion of the centenary of Ferruccio Busoni’s death, the Philharmonia Orchestra of Athens, under the distinguished conductor Byron Fidetzis, will honour the great composer with an anniversary concert on Thursday 30 May, presenting one of the most characteristic works of the leading Italian composer: The colossal Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in C major for large symphony orchestra and male chorus.

The unique Piano Concerto by the great Italian composer, pianist and intellectual Ferruccio Busoni is a work of colossal proportions. It was written in 1904 and, in addition to being one of the longest concertos in the history of music (over 70 minutes), it has a male chorus in the finale – in the manner of Beethoven’s choral fantasy – an addition that is particularly rare. Even more impressive are the daunting demands of virtuosity and physical stamina it places on the performer, which makes it an expensive piece in concert halls. The virtuoso pianist Panagiotis Trochopoulos, armed with his virtuosity and assisted by the highly experienced conductor Byron Fidetzis, dares to present the Concerto in a concert of historic importance that piano lovers should not miss.

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