Through their multidimensional and kaleidoscopic identity, Bridges inaugurate the new year with Max Cooper’s “Aether”, a contemporary interpretation of the luminous aether that combines music and architecture.

Born in Ireland, Max Cooper is a prominent figure in the electronic scene. An artistic personality with creative curiosity and sensitivity, he is inspired by the science of Genetics and approaches, through his extraordinary and complex musical creations, concepts such as emergence, identity and infinity. The result is an abstract musical narrative in which art, architecture and science interact in the most striking way.

“Aether” is a three-dimensional installation of a sound-optical light field created in collaboration with the design studio Architecture Social Club. A vivid audio-visual experience that captivates as it highlights the beauty, intensity and emotions evoked by fundamental forms and sounds from the surrounding space: waves, surfaces, symmetries, surreal landscapes. Max Cooper and Architecture Social Club have been experimenting for several years on a new type of audiovisual experience. “Aether” is the culmination of this research.


Artistic supervision, programming | Dimitris Maragopoulos

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